When people search for Enid Blyton what are they looking for? (#3)

I have found so many funny/strange search terms I’ve had to do a second post. Though now I’m thinking about how those strange terms are now on the blog and we are even more likely to have people find us while searching for spiders… (just a note to say that any capital letters in the search terms have been added by me – to make them easier to read!)


Our top search terms mostly revolve around Enid Blyton’s poetry, which is interesting. In fact, four of the top five mention poems (capital letters added by pedantic me):

  • Enid Blyton poems – 386
  • poems by Enid Blyton – 169
  • Enid Blyton poems for children – 100
  • poems of Enid Blyton – 94
  • Enid Blyton poem – 55
  • Enid Blyton poetry – 49
  • poem of Enid Blyton – 45
  • poems written by Enid Blyton – 42
  • famous poems of Enid Blyton – 35
  • short poems by Enid Blyton – 35
  • Enid Blyton poems list – 29
  • poem by Enid Blyton – 25
  • famous poems by Enid Blyton – 15
  • funny poems by Enid Blyton – 14
  • Enid Blyton short poems – 13
  • poems Enid Blyton – 12

I think you get the picture! That’s over 1,100 views from people searching for poems. (There are also more poem search terms such as firework poems etc).

Other top searches include Malory Towers, Famous Five fan fiction, Laura Petela, Jemima Rooper, Jennifer Thanisch, Enid Blyton fan fiction, The Famous Five, Marco Williamson and Eileen Soper.


Further down the list are some which garnered only a few views and some are unintentionally funny (or potentially offensive):

  • fatty Enid Blyton and Enid Blyton fatty I know what it means, but it sounds rude!
  • amysteryforninepence from someone whose space bar was broken?
  • borne end flooding 13 feb 2014 oddly specific for spelling Bourne End wrong.
  • deads leave but maybe that’s creepy rather than funny.
  • poets of Enid Blyton she had many personal poets, she kept them in a cupboard…
  • hairbrush spank this could have taken them to many worse places.
  • crinkley bottom noddy I can’t begin to work this one out
  • characters of Anne Kirrin she had many characters, a tiger being just one.
  • famouse five book review makes me think of five famous mice…
  • famous five tv serious images nothing light-hearted allowed
  • Paul Child as the Famous Five he’s so versatile he played them all
  • Philip spanks Amelia could also have lead to bad places
  • why did Enid Blyton call Margaret Daykin Daisy it wasn’t just a Blyton thing…
  • foto Fanny Kirrin again, what?
  • Enid the spider I wonder if this is the same person as searched for enid blyton spider malory panties before.



Searches for Enid Blyton only brought 36 views, but I think that’s because we don’t often use her full name. It seems silly to tag every post with Enid Blyton on an Enid Blyton blog! It rather goes without saying, but it unfortunately means that we fail to rank with Google with that as a search term. (I suspect those 36 may have come via Google images or similar.)


TV series about 4 childs on island and dog Gorgiana. I remember it so well, that TV series about those four childs on an island and one of them was called Gorgiana. She had a dog. Oh, what was its name? (Or was the dog called Gorgiana, I really can’t remember!)

Bill adventure train castle bookAnd then there was that book where Bill went on a train and had an adventure in a castle. What was it called? Adventure in a Castle? No, that’s not it…




There was a chap, a long time ago who wrote under the pen-name Enid Boyton (or sometimes Boyten). He claimed that it was a complete coincidence and it was not deliberately chosen to look like Enid Blyton, but here are some more potential impostors (or perhaps just bad spelling?)

  • Emid Blyton poem if i knew if only I knew who Emid was.
  • Book review of Noddy and the Bunkey part 19 by Emid Blyton this one’s obviously quite prolific, writing nineteen part novels about the real Blyton’s characters.
  • Why Emid Blyton wrote the poem with fireworks? if you ever track down Emid, do be sure to ask her!
  • Edin Blyton smuggler ben this one’s also using real Blyton titles!
  • Enid Bylton poems good old Enid Bylton…
  • stories writtrn by wnidblyton I’m surprised this one even found us!
  • Naughty Amelia Jane in Grid Bottom in Tamil – The famous Grid Bottom is perhaps a famous Tamil author?
  • Images of the characters of Dick in Five of Enid Bottom – Never mind Dick having multiple characters but we now have Enid Bottom. A relation of Grid Bottom?




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1 Response to When people search for Enid Blyton what are they looking for? (#3)

  1. jillslawit says:

    This was really funny. Enid Bottom, imagine being spanked with a hairbrush by her!!!


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