Monday #483

Only one post this week as I’m away for a few days, but one is better than none, especially when it’s very overdue!

Malory Towers on TV series two: episodes nine and ten

A cold hand seemed to creep round Gwendoline’s heart and almost stop her breathing. Suppose—suppose that the wind had blown little Mary-Lou over the cliff? Suppose that even now she was lying on the rocks, dead or badly hurt! The thought was so terrible that Gwendoline couldn’t swallow her morsel of bun and half-choked.

Funny that the book should contain a line that still fits perfectly despite them changing the roles of the characters. I am hoping this will play out much as it does in the book, of course swapping Gwen for Daphne as the rescuer. What will be interesting is the reveal of the thief and how on earth they will be able to justify keeping Gwen at the school, and how the girls will be able to forgive her.



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3 Responses to Monday #483

  1. Anonymous says:

    I do like the actress who plays Gwen. She’s close to the image I had of her (in my head).


  2. Jet Lynch says:

    Just started watching series 3. You’ll be glad to know that Bill is a new character with her horse Thunder but no Mavis or Mrs Peters or Zerelda. Sally is quarantined with mumps (as per the books) but no Alicia either. Inexplicably Darrell and Mary Lou arrive for the term along with Gwendoline, driven by Mr Lacey(!)


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