Monday #504

We are into December now and there are more and more Christmas trees and lights up, which is nice when it’s dark by 4.30!

A Christmas content round up


Five Have a Mystery to Solve


I have started to read Christmas Stories to Brodie at bedtime so last night we got to the first of the short stories – The Lost Presents – where Dan hides them in the spare room and then forgets where they are. Brodie thought that was hilarious and cried Oh DAAAN! complete with a palm to the forehead. 


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2 Responses to Monday #504

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thought I’d mention that three of the Malory Towers cast (Ella, Sienna & Imogen, AKA Darrell, Sally and Mary-Lou) were guests on CBBC’s Saturday morning show last weekend, and among other things surprised a fan of the series. iPlayer link here, it’s only available until next Saturday at 11:30:

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    • Fiona says:

      Thanks for that. I admit I now feel very out-of-touch as I had no idea this programme existed. ‘In my day’ it was Live and Kicking on Saturday mornings, but that was before CBBC was a channel of its own.


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