This blog is dedicated to all those out there who enjoy books by Enid Blyton.

The World of Blyton blog was inspired by the Enid Blyton Society members, and was formed on the 2nd November 2012. World of Blyton is currently being run by an Enid Blyton enthusiast by the name of Fiona. I hope to post something at least vaguely interesting a few times a week – often book reviews, fan fiction, recommendations of other authors or whatever I think up with a Blyton connection!

FIONA, founder and writer

I’ve been reading Enid Blyton books since my mum introduced me to them when I was little, and since starting collecting the books about fifteen years ago my shelves are now fit to bursting with over 250 Blyton books! I originally agreed to help on the blog – intending to just make suggestions and proof read articles, but I’ve been well and truly bitten by the blogging bug.

I’m in my 30s, live in Dundee, Scotland and I work part-time in a library though I do have a degree in children’s nursing. I have a three year old son who I am itching to introduce to Blyton, but so far that’s been limited to a few of the latest Noddy TV episodes. Any spare time I get around looking after him, working and blogging is spent reading (not just Blytons, but lots of children’s and teen books along with a few for grown-ups), watching TV (I love Hollyoaks, Only Connect, Call the Midwife and One Born Every Minute amongst many others) and posting on the Enid Blyton Society Forums.

PIPPASTEF, founder and former writer

Books are one thing that I have always had in my life. I was first introduced to Blyton aged five or six, but I temporarily “outgrew” her. I discovered, though, that one does not simply grow out of Enid Blyton. Around the age of 13 I rediscovered her books, namely the Famous Five and have been an avid fan ever since. My two favourite series are the Famous Five and Malory Towers. I also take a special interest in the 90s TV series of the Famous Five.

I am 29 and have a BSc in Sociology and Religious Studies and Theology. At the moment I am a senior library assistant. I am a keen writer and I’m working on my second full length fan fiction novel featuring Julian Kirrin, Sally Hope and Darrell Rivers. I am gradually growing in confidence in my ability as a writer, and hope to keep on improving.

And then we have many articles written by our contributors. 

(Scroll to the bottom of this page to see how you can become a contributor, too)


Aaron first started collecting Enid Blyton books a year and a half ago and since then his collection has grown to over 300 books.

He enjoys reading Blyton, sketching, playing piano, horse-riding, and cycling. He also reads C.S. Lewis, Michael Morpurgo, Baker Street Boys, 39 Clues, Carolyn Keene, Josh Lacey, Louisa May Alcott and Lauren St. John. His favourite Enid Blyton Series are the Five Find-Outers, the Farm Series and the Adventure Series. He has a nearly complete Dean rewards set, which are his favourite editions.
Read Posts by Aaron


Abi would love to be an author when she grows up. She lives by the seaside and enjoys writing, reading, going on countryside walks and connecting with animals.
Read posts by Abi


Ben is a journalist with a recent BA Honours degree from Chester University. Since he was a child he’s had a passion for Enid Blyton’s books. Growing up, he read the Find-Outers, Naughtiest Girl, Malory Towers, St. Clare’s, and his favourite, the Famous Five.
Read posts by Ben


Cathy is a pet/wildlife artist living in the South West.

She has adored Enid’s books since she was about 5 years old, when her mum introduced her to them, and has lovely childhood memories of reading her mum’s copies of Enid’s books, which she has since acquired for her own, and still reads all the time! Her favourite series would have to be the Adventure Series, Barney, Secret, and the Famous Five!

Her main interests are her beautiful cat, painting and drawing, and photography. She loves going out for walks on the beach and round the coast, and adores exploring old houses and castles and delving into their history! She also like interior design and DIY, and sewing, and she’s thrilled to be able to share her writing with fellow Enid Blyton fans!
Read posts by Cathy


Chris is an avid, possibly obsessive, re-reader of the books he first read as a child, with Enid Blyton being a particular favourite, especially Famous Five, Adventures and St. Clare’s. Apart from Blyton he is a great fan of the Jennings stories and the Swallows and Amazons series. As well as re-reading, he collects the books in the editions that he originally read them.

He has a BA and a PhD in Politics, and is a university professor.
Read posts by Chris


Corinna is from New Zealand, where she grew up collecting Enid Blyton books.  After being bitten by the travel bug, she spent two years living in England and her travels included visits to Dorset, Bourne End and the Enid Blyton Day in Twyford 2012.
Read posts by Corinna


You can find Ellie over at her own blog, Zanyzigzag.
Read posts by Ellie


Francis Kelly was born in Kiel, Germany in 1950. His father was an intelligence officer. Brought up by his loving parents and a German  lady, Erica, he was thoroughly spoilt in an emotional way for the first 4 years of his life. When they left for England in 1954, Erica’s role was taken up by the lovely Enid Blyton. Starting on Noddy and moving into the iconic ‘Adventure’ and ‘Famous Five’ books his early development was taken care of. He has never forgotten this and will spend the rest of his life standing up for Enid, collecting her books and promoting her values.His career involving IT is now over and he spends his retirement in Guildford pursuing his interests including, of course, Enid and her books.
Read posts by Francis


Fred McNamara is a freelance writer with a degree in creative writing and film studies from Hull Uni. He was born in Reading but moved up to Lincolnshire when he was six because (he knows how posh that sounds) his family needed more space for the horses.His mum and brother are both professional horse riders and have been for most of their lives. He never caught on with the horses, preferring classic rock, story-writing, baking, and of course, Enid Blyton.  He’s only recently got back into her work but is loving her more than ever! He also has his own blog, Mind of Fred.
Read posts by Fred


Also known as Julie2owlsdene, Julie is a retired grandmother who not only likes to read books by Enid Blyton, but also likes to write fan-fiction of the Find-Outers.
Read posts by Julie


Pete has been happily married for over twenty years. He is a devoted father (and chauffeur) to two almost fully grown up daughters. He was introduced into the mystical art and lifestyle choice that is Enid Blyton by his dear grandmother, who bought him the two books that changed his life forever Five on a Treasure Island and The Mystery of The Burnt Cottage. He decided at that very early age (eight or nine) that he was never ever ever going to stop reading and collecting Enid’s books!
Read posts by Pete


Poppy Hutchinson would like to be an author when she grows up. She lives in the north of England and enjoys writing, reading Enid Blyton books, sports and the countryside.
Read posts by Poppy


Su is a mother-of-two who grew up in Lancashire, England reading her cousin’s old hardback Enid Blyton books. She now has a collection of over 400 books and shares a birthday with the great lady herself, albeit quite a few years later.
Read posts by Su.


Sunskriti lives in Maharashtra, India. She is a student, and loves to read, write sometimes, and play! She is fascinated by England and how different it is from where she lives. She also loves the Enid Blyton Society!
Read posts by Sunskriti

All our additional writers’ articles will be posted under the worldofblytonarticles username.

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Fiona and Pippastef at Old Thatch in May 2012

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Here’s to many upcoming adventures!

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17 Responses to About

  1. Sandra Keeley says:

    Smashing!! Will hopefully be submitting some articles if I can get the old brain working!


  2. Bharathi Suresh says:

    I grew up reading Enid Blyton and still read her books.I have travelled to many places but my Enid Blyton collection always travels with me.Though some of the pages may be moth eaten I can never part with these..ever.I am thrilled to see this blog. Great to know that you have taken this effort .Good Luck and Happy blogging.


  3. I adore Enid Blyton and it has been such a joy reading your posts!
    I was given a Reader Appreciation Award today by a lovely blogger and I think it’s a really nice idea to pass on the love to our favourite sites- and I thought of you! I hope you’ll accept.


  4. ljbradburn says:

    Hello! I hope you will accept my nomination for a blogger award. Please check out the details here: http://myfeatherquill.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/knighting-people-bouquet-of-3/comment-page-1/#comment-343 Enjoy x


  5. What a great idea for a blog! I loved Enid Blyton as a child and have been rediscovering Malory Towers recently, more than 30 years after I originally read them! Still great!


  6. Shreya says:

    I grew up reading Enid Blyton. So glad I stumbled upon this blog, late as I may be.


  7. Carol Harkness says:

    l’ve just discoved this lovely website. Does anyone know where l can get earings l’ve just seen. They are miniture copies of an Enid Blyton book ‘ Five Go On Smugler’s Top’. lt was on the frustrating website ‘Pinterset’ But it only says ‘World Of Blyton’ as a name next to the earings. l would absolutely love to buy so many things ie dresses, material, earings, bags etc inspired by Enid Blyton. ld be so grateful for any info. ( vanillacph@gmail.com)


    • fiona says:

      Hi Carol, they were a gift from my mum one Christmas. I’ll ask her where she got them but I think they might have been from Etsy.


      • Carol Harkness says:

        Thanks Fiona, l desp for them !! l’m in the middle of chemo, and not sure whether l’ve become all philosophical, but l’m obsessed with Enid Blyton things to wear,and coffee cake ! l await your reply . Thnx Carol


  8. Anonymous says:

    I think this page should be updated again


  9. Parag Shirodkar says:

    Hi, Greetings from India,

    This is a very helpful blog, I have read just one post so far and learnt so much about our beloved author and her books, I grew up in a small town of Goa in the 80s and her books have me an escape into the outside world. I intend to read each and every article here and hope to contribute my writeups too.

    Take care,



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