Blytonian locations

All our visits to Blyton-related locations and posts on her best imaginary places, too.

Fictional locations
Blyton’s homeliest secret homes
Blyton’s strangest homes
Blyton’s strangest homes part 2
Five Go Underground
Favourite Blyton locations
Stef’s favourite Blyton locations
My top 11 Blyton Locations
Travel Blyton holiday brochures
The Valley of Adventure
Demon’s Rocks

Real-life locations
Beaconsfield and Beckenham
Beaconsfield, Bekonscot, Blyton Close and a little bit of Bourne End
A Beckenham day out
Bourne End and Old Thatch
A Blyton-y, blog-y Bourne End walk!
A visit to Old Thatch and Bourne End
Bourne End and Old Thatch June 2013
When Francis went to Old Thatch
Enid’s Inspiration: Bourne End in the autumn
A winter walk
A May Day walk
Sunset at Bourne End
Bourne End under water
End of the season
Bourne End, an overview
Feelings of Old Thatch
Real examples of Blytonian-style locations
Hollow Tree House
Caves and secret passages
Caves and ruins
Corfe Castle – a first hand look
Green Hedges – The inspiration for my watercolour
Location, Location, Location: 90’s Kirrin Cottage

Updated 04/10/21