Character posts

A list of posts which look at Blyton’s characters.

Animal Character Explorations by Sunskriti
Buster from the Five Find-Outers Series
Kiki from the Adventure Series
Scamper from the Secret Seven
Timmy from the Famous Five
Character Explorations by Sunskriti
Dinah from the Adventure Series
Peter from the Secret Seven
Dick from the Famous Five
Favourite Characters
Three favourite characters by Stef
Three favourite characters by Fiona
Three favourite characters by Laura
Three least favourite characters by Stef
My three least favourite characters by Fiona
Favourite Five Blyton animals by Stef
My three top baddies by Fiona
My three favourite Blyton adults by Fiona
My three favourite Blyton adults by Stef
Blyton characters I love to hate by Stef
Blyton’s funniest animals
Miss Grayling’s Girls
An introduction
Part 2 – the failures
Part 3 – the experiments
Part 4 – the ones who almost messed it up
Part 5 – the successes
Part 6 – her best teachers
Part 7 – the rest of her teachers
The Twinniest Twins by Stef
The Harries from Five on Finniston Farm
Connie and Ruth from Malory Towers
Guy and Harry Lawdler from Five on a Secret Trail
The O’Sullivan Twin from the St Clare’s series
Miscellaneous Examinations
A completely un-confusing guide to Blyton’s characters
Julian Kirrin vs David Morton
Should We Ever Compare Julian and Fatty?
Timmy the dog, “Best dog in the world”
Blyton’s Best (Tom) Boys – Bill (Wilhelmina) Robinson
The Mystery of Uncle Quentin, by Chris
Those Dreadful Children: who was really the most dreadful?
Those Dreadful Children: who was really the most dreadful? continued
Blyton’s Mothers
Blyton’s Fathers
Philip Mannering’s animals – an A-Z guide
Jack Arnold part 1
Jack Arnold part 2
A focus on Uncle Quentin in Five Go to Smuggler’s Top
Uncle Quentin and Elbur Wright in Five Have Plenty of Fun
A guide to the Famous Five’s sidekicks
A guide to the Famous Five’s other companions
My top five St Clare’s Villainesses by Chris

Updated 1/9/22

2 Responses to Character posts

  1. Arka says:

    I personally think that this is the best World of Blyton page. But, it hasn’t been updated for a long time. Please make some Character Posts on Enid Blyton characters (like 5 Favorite Youngest Characters or etc.).
    Thank You.

    Liked by 1 person

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