Blyton’s bothersome bests: Those I love to hate

It was really hard to come up with a blog this time around, I must admit I am really struggling at the moment, so it was actually Fiona who had the idea for this blog, for which I am grateful to her.

So this blog will have three characters of Enid Blyton’s of which I love to hate. There’s no prizes for who is in first place, so I’m going to go in straight away with number 3.

3. Uncle Quentin

Now this one is as surprising to you as it is to me, but I actually have a sort of love hate thing where Uncle Q is concerned. He is a good father, because he worries about providing for his wife and daughter, but at the same time, he doesn’t have any time for them and constantly gets snappy and annoyed with George because she’s a child who can be loud and children are like that.

He is impatient and rude on occasions, and although as I got older I appreciated his need to speak to George in certain ways when she was being unreasonable, overall I think he’s not a very nice person or character. However, without him, the Famous Five wouldn’t have the reasons for leaving the cottage and having these kinds of adventures that made us all jealous, but still… he’s not my favourite.

2. Gwendoline Lacey

In my time I have met very few people who like Gwen. Shes generally one of the more obnoxious characters from any of Blyton’s books, and is seriously one of the worst in Malory Towers. Gwendoline, as an only child, was a warning to be while I was growing up, of what I did not want to be. I wanted to be more like Darrell and Sally, and nothing like Gwen (I am an only child – just to clarify). I don’t think there is a thing that Gwen does, that makes me like her one little bit throughout six books she really doesn’t do anything for me.

Compulsive Confessions: What Happened After: Malory Towers

And number one is….

1. Frederick Algeon Trotterville aka Fatty

It is no secret, I love to hate Fatty. Whenever I post about him, the and Five Find Outers books, I never have a good word to say about him. I really really really dislike him and just cannot see why everyone thinks he is so brilliant. He’s a horrible person, boastful, horrible, egotistical, and yet whoever I talk to, seems to think he’s brilliant. I’m sorry, but its a no from me. He’s what I like to think of as a Marty Stew, he can do everything brilliantly, without trying, which is the most annoying thing ever. Larry would have made a much better head of the Five Find Outers. Why oh why couldn’t have someone else had Buster?

So there we are, my three characters I love to hate. Who are yours?

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6 Responses to Blyton’s bothersome bests: Those I love to hate

  1. chrissie777 says:

    I hate Goon (Mystery series).
    Also I hate the nasty aunt of the children in “The Secret Island” and JoJo in “The Island of Adventure”. Cannot really say that I ever hated Uncle Quentin, because I could tell that he’s frustrated that his work didn’t get the recognition that it deserved for a long time. He was also frustrated, because he couldn’t offer Fanny and George the kind of life style that he wanted them to have. Living under such circumstances can make one very grumpy (many older people are grumpy without any apparent reason).

    Actually I enjoy Fatty, because he overcomes his boastfulness little by little over the course of the books. And through his kind relationship with Bets the reader can tell that he also possesses kind qualities. Often I find him very funny and his portry is very entertaining :).


  2. jillslawit says:

    Goon is awful!!! Not keen on spoiled little Annette from Those Dreadful Children, either, or Junior the horrid kid who went to Finniston Farm, or those despicable Sticks. I’d have run away from them too.


  3. Kasturi says:

    Did not like Dame Washalot from the Faraway Tree series…she seemed very nasty pouring her washing down other people and feeling gleeful about it!


  4. Allan says:

    I have to agree with you about Uncle Q – after all the Five have a) made the family financially independent, b) recovered his secret papers on more than one occasion c) proven themselves to be far better judges of character than he is ( i refer you to the infamous Sticks) – and he still has the audacity to complain about Timmy – the ungrateful wonk !!


  5. chaobaby7 says:

    Alicia and Janet ( Malory towers and St Claires) over confident b******, intolerant and plain nasty. Just too confident and clever and I suffered all my school days from such girls. ( I was sort of a mix of Malory Towers Catherine with occasional Margery in St Claires outburts and a bit of Harry Potters Severus Snape, yes an odd mix) I think like James and Sirius of Harry Potter stories that Janet and Alicia just bring up all the trauma of bring bullied for being the weird, socially inept introvert.


  6. Tin Tin says:

    Re: Fatty in the FFO series . I normally can’t stand these type of people either. However in this case,I read it as someone playing to his audience. His friends expect him to boast, etc . so he does. They would be disappointed if he didn’t. It’s all tounge in cheek, and very brief. And he is talented. Interestingly, I think the scales fall from their eyes a bit, when Eunice turns up. Seeing him having such difficulty dealing with her, made him appear a bit more ordinary . The


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