Poems by Enid Blyton

A Christmas Carol
A Frosty Morning
A Puppy Writes to Santa Claus
April Showers
Apple Song
The Blackbird is Singing
The Bonfire at Night
Child April
Christmas Carol
Christmas Gifts
The Clouds
Dead Leaves
Fairy Seeds
Firework Night
Happy Days!
Hazel Nuts
A Happy Easter
Here Comes Santa Claus
In the Stable
January Days
The Ladybird
The Last Feast of Autumn
The Little King
Little New Year
Off to the South
One Evening
An Evening of June
The Passing of Summer
Raining in Sheets
Santa Claus Gets Busy
A Song of July
The Party
Poppy Dresses
The Sea
The Spider’s Web
The Weather

Updated 04/01/2019

7 Responses to Poems by Enid Blyton

  1. AMY says:

    Is there a Blyton poem called Come to the Fair? It starts “Come along Harry and Susan and Bill”…


  2. Amy Thwaites says:

    Thank you! I got a copy and it’s in there! x


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone
    I hope someone can help me. In one of the Noddy books there’s a poem that starts:-
    I wish I was a duck with splishy splashy feet
    Does anyone know the rest?
    Thanks in advance


    • fiona says:

      Could this be it? (From You Funny Little Noddy).
      With puddles in the street,
      And raindrops bumping on my nose,
      And splishy-splashy feet!
      I wish I was a little duck
      That didn’t wear a mac,
      I’d like to feel the raindrops run
      All down my feathery back!
      I really love.—”

      He gets interrupted by the milkman then, so we won’t ever know how it ends!


  4. Annakay says:

    Good Evening. I am enquiring about “The Shepherd by Enid Blyton. Please send the link for it to my email address or link me directly to it. Thank you.


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