Kirrin Holidays Brochure from Travel Blyton

Visit Kirrin, the home of the Famous Five. The place where it all started, where Julian, Dick and Anne met George and Timmy. Where gold ingots were found, kidnapped children were rescued and multiple adventures were had.

Visit for a day or better yet, book into one of Kirrin’s stunning hotels and spend a week exploring the area. We promise you will not be disappointed!

Kirrin Cottage and Kirrin Farm

Kirrin Cottage and Kirrin Farm have been restored to their 1940s best, and visitors are free to explore the different rooms, including Quentin’s study and the children’s bedrooms.

If you are brave enough you can take a walk along the secret passage from Uncle Quentin’s study to the bedroom at Kirrin Farm.

For the secret passage walk visitors must be able to climb a stone wall with niches, and are therefore encouraged to wear sensible shoes. Please mind your head on the roof lighting.

Cakes and refreshments, including lashings of ginger-beer, are served in Joanna’s kitchen at Kirrin Cottage and Mrs Sander’s kitchen at Kirrin Farm, daily from 10 am to 4pm

Kirrin Island

Boat tours leave every hour to Kirrin Island (weather permitting), limited to a dozen people at a time (no dogs allowed). These will be piloted by our expert boat handlers Alf and James.

An alternative route is available, starting in the quarry and travelling down the undersea tunnels. This is only suitable for physically fit people wearing stout shoes.

Visitors can stroll around the castle which is home to jackdaws and rabbits, view the wreck from a special viewing-balcony and also venture underground into the dungeons.

At busy times a one-way system may be implemented with visitors entering through the castle courtyard trap-door and exiting through the fireplace in the castle’s last remaining room.

Kirrin Beach, Quarry and Common

Visitors can also enjoy Kirrin’s fine, sandy beach which is served by our authentic ice-cream stall (all major credit and debit cards accepted), and a walk along the moors behind Kirrin Cottage.

March to October our minibus runs to Kirrin Common to see the old cottage there, the spring, and roman digs, though the tunnels under have been closed off for safety reasons.

The Coast Guard’s Cottage

The coastguard’s cottage is now a small museum full of maps and plans of Kirrin and all its secret passages. Trace the routes taken by those brave children and their dog from Kirrin Island to the Quarry and from Kirrin Cottage to Kirrin Farm. Read about the history of Henry John Kirrin and his haul of ingots, and marvel at models of Uncle Quentin’s amazing scientific tower.


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5 Responses to Kirrin Holidays Brochure from Travel Blyton

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Fiona, I was soooo thrilled about this article that I printed it out.
    You simply have to create a thread for this on EBS, please!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dale Vincero, Brisbane Australia says:

    Perhaps you needed to add this to the Kirrin Island info sheet:-

    “PATRONS: Please be aware there are no toilet facilities on the island. Trippers must make the appropriate personal arrangement before travel commences.
    Granted, this was never a problem for the Famous Five even though they spent 3 or 4 days there continuously in “Treasure Island” and “Run Away Together”.
    Portable toilets *may* be provided in the future if there is sufficient public demand. Thank you for your understanding.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fiona says:

      Blyton was never so impolite as to mention *toilets* so the advert is perfectly in-keeping 😉 However between you and me, there are toilets in both cafes so as long as people spend a penny before getting on the boat they’ll be fine. If they’re caught short on the island and choose to relieve themselves, well, George has a shotgun now I believe.

      Liked by 1 person

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