Monday Madness

So here we are, another Monday, another week.

Here in the UK we’re having some very wintry weather with lots of snow! So if you’re cold and stuck in doors may I suggest you check out this last weeks World of Blyton Posts, and check out Part One and Part Two of our winter reads that went up before Christmas? Check out our suggestions and decide which wintry Blyton you’d like to settle down with!

Last week, we received our 100th comment on the blogs and want to thank everyone who has stopped by and commented on our work; its nice to know we’re keeping everyone interested. We’re also sneaking up on the view counter as well so hopefully will pass our next milestone this week!

We have a load of blogs ready and waiting for you this week, including Ben’s next Secret Seven blog plus a blog each from Fiona and myself.

I leave you with an interesting fact about the two Famous Five TV series: in both the winter/snowy adventures Five go Adventuring Again and Five get into a Fix- were filmed without any snow!

Have a good week everyone! And don’t forget to check out our blogs!

P.S. The blog now has its own Facebook page so if you’re on Facebook you can check it out, and if you ‘like’ it you’ll be the first to know about new blogs.

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1 Response to Monday Madness

  1. Gerry Francis Kelly says:

    Looking forward to more excellent blogs! Interesting that those two books were not filmed in the snow despite the fact that snow was such an important part of both stories. Maybe the new series should film these stories right now!
    Regards, Francis


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