Many a Monday Makes a Muckle

Welcome to another week on the World of Blyton Blog. Another week has slipped away and we’re nearly at the end of January already.

Coming soon on the blog will be some more fanfiction, a new writer and further reviews of the Secret Seven, Adventure and Malory Towers books, and possibly a few other interesting bits and pieces assuming we ever get them finished.

We’ve not much other news so I thought I’d just leave you with a couple of photos I took over the weekend which put me in mind of Blyton.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These were taken at Loch Monzievaird which lies between Crieff and Comrie in Perth and Kinross. There was a boat-house on the loch but I forgot to take a photo of that!

Has anyone else seen any Blyton-y scenes with all the snow this weekend?

P.S. The title is a play-on a Scottish phrase “Mony a mickle maks a muckle” which is a variant of “Many a little makes a micle”, a phrase meaning many small amounts accumulate to make something larger.

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2 Responses to Many a Monday Makes a Muckle

  1. Gerry Francis Kelly says:

    Five go skiing together – I wonder if Maggie and Dirty Dick were near! Great photos, Fiona – you have talent.


    • fionab1986 says:

      Talent? Not so sure about that! I just put it on auto, point and click! I think most of the credit should go to the camera. I do enjoy taking photos though 🙂


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