Poppy’s Book of the Month: The Mystery of the Missing Necklace

By Poppy Hutchinson

Title: The Mystery of the Missing Necklace
Series: The Mystery Series
Main Characters: Fatty, Larry, Pip, Bets, Daisy & Buster
Published: 1945
First Published By: Methuen
Rating (Out of 5): 5

Possibly the best and positively my favourite of the mystery series, The Mystery of the Missing Necklace is a humorous mystery which the five are ready to solve. Peterswood is a lively place, this summer, as there are lots of shows going on including a hoopla game, a waxworks and a roundabout. The book begins by the children arriving home, Fatty full of compliments for himself – and a different voice! He announces to everyone that he can now disguise himself as an adult, because he has a grown-up voice. Poor little Bets is not too sure about the ‘new Fatty’ at first but when she hears there will be more disguising going on, she soon cheers up! Fatty’s first ‘grown-up disguise’ is as an old, frail, croaky balloon seller woman. He takes the Find-Outers in nicely, but crafty little Bets recognises Fatty because of his beautifully clean finger nails. She feels suspicious of the balloon seller at once, for she apparently has very dirty hands. She looks closely into his eyes and sees through the disguise at once!

Meanwhile, Mr Goon is on the trail of something, as the children find out as they see him rushing back and forth. The children think that perhaps he could be solving the ‘jewel burglaries’ which had been all over the newspapers recently, but nothing in Peterswood, however it is believed that perhaps the little busy village could be the meeting place. Later on in the book, thanks to another of Fatty’s disguises, the children get their hands on a message, which at first appears only to be an old grocery list. Of course after a few training sessions from Fatty in the third book the Find Outers know better and immediately examine the scrap of paper for invisible ink. From this they uncover the message: Tell Number three, Waxworks, 9pm, Tuesday. From Number 5. Preparations begin for Fatty to dress himself up as Napoleon so he will blend in with the other waxworks, and also for a very exciting night! Pick up this exciting book and see what happens next…

I gave this book a 5 because it is definitely my favourite Find-Outers book so far! I would recommend this book to boys and girls of 10 years and over, which is a perfect age for such a brilliant read! I hope you’ve all enjoyed my sixth review! I’ll be back next month with another book. So long, until then!

First edition dust jacket, by Jospeh Abbey

First edition dust jacket, by Jospeh Abbey

Image from the Cave of Books
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