Musing of a Monday

We’re in the middle of April already, and the blog is approaching its six month birthday. And we’ll be approaching it with over 13,000 views to boot.

Last week we had Poppy’s blog on The Mystery of the Missing Necklace, My Fanfiction part six where George’s strop puts strain on the Five’s friendships, and Fiona treated to you her holiday pictures and how every part of her holiday reminded her of Blyton.

I suppose that you’ll want to know what’s going up this week on World of Blyton. We will have a very special contributor’s blog about the Five Find Outers – from our very own Julie. I don’t know what Fiona might give you, possibly the next instalment of her Eva Rice’s Who’s Who Review.

And from me April Flowers is ready and raring to go, with flowers that you’re supposed to be going out to find. With the weather being what it has been, I somehow doubt if you’ll be able to see them, but good luck in hunting for them.

On to other business, I mentioned last time the Enid Blyton Society are having a day out in Beckenham in June to look around Blyton’s old stomping grounds. You can check out all the details here. Why not email Tony Summerfield and add your name to the list?

They’re a nice bunch!

So I think that is all the news from me.  Enjoy!

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1 Response to Musing of a Monday

  1. Francis says:

    I know it’s Monday when I read your ‘thought for the week’! As you say it is a time for April flowers and April showers.


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