Making Blyton’s Food: Recipes to make your mouth water

Last week at work I spotted this book “A Perfect Day for a Picnic” by Tori Finch on the new shelf at work, and I decided to take a look and see if it contained any of the wonderful food mentioned in Blyton’s books. Sadly, I have to say, it was very lacking in Blytonian food.

A Perfect Day for a Picnic by Tori Finch. The Book that started it all.

“A Perfect Day for a Picnic “by Tori Finch. The Book that started it all.

And then I had this idea!

Why don’t I do some searching, find a shed load of recipes for all the food that gets eaten in Blyton’s books and cook all the recipes and see which one’s the best? Then I can take pictures, tell you about them on here and give you a smashing, memory-stirring recipe to your favourite Blyton foods.

I’m sure you all know what food I’m talking about. The food that make your mouth water just through the descriptions, and you enjoy every mouthful with the Five, the Adventurers, the Find-Outers, the Secret Seven, Malory Towers and St Clare’s girls, wishing you could enjoy the magical food just as they do. The food in Blyton’s books are almost as famous as the woman herself!

Well that is my plan. So far I have raided my mother’s cookery books, and a couple I had gotten from work. I’ve compiled an Excel spreadsheet of 118 recipes to try. Some of those do need to be looked into as I’m unsure whether they just sound Blytonian or actually feature in the books.

The Kind of Blyton food we all think of! Taken from

The kind of Blyton food we all think of! Taken from

There you are, that is my proposed plan. I’m not saying that you’ll get a blog every week about a recipe, but I shall try to keep up a good momentum. Naturally some weeks may be busier than others.

So far I have tried my hand at the two recipes for ginger biscuits that I have, one of which – owing to the late start of the project – hasn’t done very well. I shall probably give them another go tomorrow to try to make them correctly. After which, I will hopefully be able to present you with a good solid recipe for ginger biscuits as featured in Five Go To Kirrin Island Again.

I think it’s a good thing that cooking always means you have no shortage of taste testers, and willing mouths to feed because I’m not sure how I’d manage to eat everything I’ll be making.

Still, it never stopped the Five!

P.S. If you have any foodie ideas for me to try, do share them!

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2 Responses to Making Blyton’s Food: Recipes to make your mouth water

  1. Yum — what a great idea.. and I can steal anything successful for my Blyton-themed party in June and in turn if anything I make works, I’ll let you know!


    • pippastef says:

      Well Colette,I am planning on making the recipes before I post them so they will be tried and tested. I hope I can supply you with a good number of things to make in June.


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