Monday Rolls Around Again

Another Monday, another post. Its been a funny old week I think, for once I think Fiona’s glad I don’t live around the corner because I’ve been ill (still) and so have both of my parents; but we seem to be on the mend now! It’s almost a shame we don’t live in Blyton’s time I could have done with a nice seaside holiday to clear my lungs and get nice and healthy! Why don’t they prescribe them on the NHS?

However, that’s enough woe is me for this week!

Our Wednesday post is from Francis, who talks about his experience at Old Thatch and Bourne End from the 4th August. As a side note, if Francis’ post inspires you to go and see Old Thatch’s gardens are open until the 29th August before they close until next spring!

Fiona has told me that she thinks she might do her next Adventure series review for you this week, which would be The Circus of Adventure.

Unless I can come up with a different blog, I shall be posting a blog on Timmy the Dog.

I think that’s everything for the Monday post, apart from a shout out for anyone thinking of writing for us! We are seriously low on contributors at the moment and would like to hear from anyone with a Blyton story or blog to share!

Happy Monday everyone, I shall leave you with some of my most recent pictures from my backgarden and a walk in the park!

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3 Responses to Monday Rolls Around Again

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Speedy revovery, Stef!
    The swan pics are beautiful and the moon’s size is just amazing. You must use a very good zoom.
    Looking forward to your “Timmy the Dog” posting.


  2. Francis says:

    I really love the goldfinch – how did you get so close?


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