First Monday in September

Well, September is upon us, and so is Autumn. In Dundee the season practically changed overnight, Saturday was warm and sunny but Sunday was cold, cloudy and windy.

Our contributor this week is Poppy, and we’ll be putting up the next chapter of her story; The Marsh of Adventure.

I did ask Stef what she would be posting and her answer was ‘either my trip to Bourne End or September Flowers,’ so you’ve got one of those two to look forward to.

I’ve got a choice also, between reviewing The Ship of Adventure and Naughty Amelia Jane. I’m torn between finishing the Adventure Series reviews before starting something new and just going ahead with Amelia Jane seeing as I’ve already started. Well, I’ll decide in time to write something I hope!

In case you missed it yesterday, Stef has posted the first chapter her full-length novel The Missing Papers: A St Andrews Mystery. It features Blyton characters Julian Kirrin, Sally Hope and Darrell Rivers at university along with David Morton from the Lone Pine books by Malcolm Saville. I’ve read the whole thing (no I won’t tell you the ending!) and it’s fabulous, so do check it out!

To stick with tradition; here are some of my latest photographs.

All except those in Balgay park were taken just outside of Dundee, all on my walks along the old dismantled railway line that ran from Dundee to the village of Newtyle from 1830 to the 1960s. I barely saw another soul on the walks and occasionally found myself looking over my shoulder in case a spook train should suddenly come tearing along behind me (running on spook tracks of course!)

Anyway, enjoy the week and the start of autumn (unless you’re somewhere that’s just starting spring, if so enjoy that!)

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3 Responses to First Monday in September

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Even though I clicked on 5 stars, it showed only 3 stars. Oh well.
    Beautiful pics, Fiona! I especially like the ones with the bridges and the celtic cross (I have no idea how those are called in English). They have them in Brittany, too.
    Looking forward to more chapters from “The Marsh of Adventure” (Poppy, you are doing a great job!) and Stef’s “St. Andrews Mystery”.
    Your blog is exciting and interesting each time I read it. Congratulations!!!


  2. chrissie777 says:

    I just looked again at the pics and discovered the photo on the top row right.
    That looks like art deco to me. Art deco is popular over here as well. The Merritt Parkway (NYC area) has 55 old small bridges – that’s why trucks and RV’s are not allowed on the Parkway – and 8 of them are art deco bridges.
    In 2011 we did visit Hoover Dam in Nevada and there were several art deco angels and other sculptures in art deco style.
    The white hotel on Burgh Island, Devon (it inspired Agatha Christie to write “Ten Little Niggers”) is entirely art deco. Even in the guest rooms every piece of furniture, ceiling etc is art deco.


    • fiona says:

      The sign for the observatory (I took a picture but didn’t include it off the blog) is done in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh who was a Scottish artist and designer (I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Glasgow School of Art? He designed that.) though the observatory opened in 1935 several years after his death so it was unlikely to have been his personal work. His work was art neuveau, but the railings do look more deco to me, not quite in keeping with his usual style.


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