Last Monday in September

It feels like only a week ago I was writing about it being the first Monday in September, but no, my calendar assures me that was a month ago!

This week we will have another post from Fred, talking about which Blyton books made the trip to university with him.

Stef has been reading an adventure story, which on the front says “if you like Enid Blyton you’ll love this,” and she plans to write about whether that’s true for her or not.

And as for me, I had a fabulous idea for a blog this week. Which I promptly forgot. So, I will most likely be looking at the next Amelia Jane book, or writing about buying Enid Blyton books on the internet (assuming I don’t suddenly remember my great idea, whatever it was.)

In blog news this week, we’ve hit 29,000 views, so not far from the big three-oh thousand.

As has become customary I will leave you with some of my latest photos, taken with my new camera.

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9 Responses to Last Monday in September

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Fiona and Stef, I’m each time blown away by your unique photos. Keep on doing it, please!
    How on earth did you run into a baby deer? I saw them very rarely when I still lived in the wilderness in Maine, but in Massachusetts they seem to be extinct.
    The view out of the cave is great, just too small to really see all details.
    Please tell me what the small photo between the fire and the red levers on the left side shows. All I can recognize is nature and in-between something long and black & white. Could it be the tail of a bird?

    Please tell me where I can find the abbey ruin with the old cemetery and where is the cave located. Did you find it by chance or is it open for the public?
    Thank you :)!


  2. fiona says:

    Hi Chrissie, if you click on any of the images it will show you them bigger, complete with a caption underneath.

    Deer are very common in Scotland, that one was in a wood on the edge of Dundee, and I’ve seen deer there lets of times.

    That view is from a window (one for pointing guns out of) in St Andrews Castle, again if you click on it you will see the detail.

    The black and white thing is a bird feather, not sure what bird it came from.

    The ruined cathedral and castle are both in St Andrews, the cathedral is free to explore but there is a charge to get int the castle.


    • chrissie777 says:

      Fiona, I already had the castle from St. Andrews on my list for a future Scotland trip. Now I added the ruined cathedral.
      I didn’t know that the pics can get enlarged. How nice!


      • Sarah (Spitfire) says:

        St. Andrew’s castle and cathedral are practically next door to one another, Chrissie, so if you went to one you wouldn’t miss the other anyway! They have a fascinating history and if you get a nice day it’s an absolutely stunning setting, as you can see from Fiona’s photos.


  3. chrissie777 says:

    One last comment: now I know that it’s not a cave, but a defensive window in St. Andrew’s Castle.


  4. Julie @ Owlsdene says:

    Wow!! Just had to comment on the picture of the deer. That is amazing. What a fabulous picture, how lucky you were he popped his head up for that shot. Great picture. 🙂


  5. Sarah (Spitfire) says:

    I agree with previous comments – wonderful photos, a real pleasure to pore over.


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