Happy birthday to us!

The blog is one year old today!

Happy Birthday to us, from the Famous Five

Happy Birthday to us, from the Famous Five

And what a year it has been. I like to think we’ve gotten to grips with the whole blogging thing by now, after a shaky-at-times start.

We’ve racked up over 33,000 views in that time, 238 posts (239 if you include this one), 11 contributors, nearly 500 comments and possibly equal amounts of fun and stress.

I’d like to say we’re having a big party to celebrate, but at best it will be a virtual one as Stef and I are at opposite ends of the country near enough and some of our contributors aren’t even in the UK!

Virtual cake to celebrate with

Virtual cake to celebrate with

Here’s to another year of blogging! We hope you’ll join us in celebrating! Why not tell us of your favourite blog moment in the comments below?”

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4 Responses to Happy birthday to us!

  1. fredzep93 says:

    Happy birthday! Long may the awesomeness of this blog continue 🙂


  2. chrissie777 says:

    Happy Birthday from me as well. May this wonderful EB blog last forever! 🙂


  3. Pete says:

    Well done to you Fiona and Stef.

    You both make it look so effortless and easy..which of course it isn’t! So have a jolly good pat on the back from me and please treat yourself to an ice, a cream bun and a plate of hot dripping buttery toast all washed down with a large mug of hot chocolate from me!!

    Best Wishes and Congratulations!!



  4. Francis says:

    Well done Fiona and Stef for your wonderful efforts also Poppy and all the other wonderful contributors – I have read and loved your blogs and long may it continue. Just think what you have achieved in one year!
    A very grateful, Francis.


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