November Monday

Gosh, so it’s the first Monday in November (seriously where is the year going?) and it’s also the week of our first birthday! Gosh doesn’t time fly! This time last year I was up in Dundee with Fiona and when we weren’t busy during the day, we were busy blogging by night!

Our most viewed post last week seems to have been the firework poem given that it is coming up for Bonfire night! Just remember to stay safe when watching fireworks and keep all animals inside – they get awfully scared!

This week, we have a review and point of view on Five Go Off in A Caravan by Corinna, who’s turning into a blogging fiend! (We’re certainly not complaining!) Fiona thinks she will treat us to the rest of her Amelia Jane reviews, while I am a little undecided as to what to treat you to. You may end up with another chapter of The Missing Papers: A St Andrews Mystery, so I hope you don’t mind a slightly vague idea for this week.

I wish I had some nice Halloween-y or firework pictures to show you from this week, but alas, I’ve not been to a firework display or been anywhere near Halloween! So I hope a selection of my pictures will work just as well.

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2 Responses to November Monday

  1. Francis says:

    Looking forward to all this week’s blogs – year 2 starting with a bang!


  2. Wow that last photo is Gloomy Water (Five on a Hike) to a T!!!! 😀 Beautiful!


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