The Famous Five 90s Series: Some (Funny) Captions

It’s not what I promised for this week but circumstances (ie me not feeling well,) have led me to throw this together quickly. I’d like to say there’s a story behind these captions, but other than “Stef and I were bored and thought it was really funny,” there isn’t one. They all poke fun at the 90s series (both fashions and actors, though for some reason Julian/Marco came off worst!) We hope you find them as funny as we did!






go easy

always right


And there you have it, our very own brand of humour. We’ve got quite a few more but I thought that was enough for now! Perhaps some day we’ll treat you to what’s know as “the leaning series,” (funnier than it sounds if you’re us) and the “what would Julian do?” series.

Please do suggest your own captions for these pictures if you can think of anything funny!

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4 Responses to The Famous Five 90s Series: Some (Funny) Captions

  1. Francis says:

    Lovely idea, Fiona. Hope you are feeling better.
    Here’s some of my captions.
    First picture.
    “Was George right?” “Am I really sometimes wrong?”.
    Second picture.
    “I have become infallible – I am the new Julian”!
    Fifth picture.
    “Dick, it’s about time you started losing – I didn’t start playing strip poker expecting to lose every game”!
    Sixth picture.
    *If I allow you to challenge my decisions it will only encourage the girls to do the same and that would be the beginning of the end!”
    Seventh picture
    “Dick and I have agreed that we are superior and you girls must realise we are always right”.
    Eighth picture.
    The pecking order was accurately mirrored by the group photograph.

    Sorry, these are not as good as yours, Fiona. Mind you I seem to have a theme going with my captions – one of course I don’t agree with!



  2. chrissie777 says:

    Hi Fiona,

    I hope that you will feel a lot better tomorrow.

    The captions are indeed very funny :).
    My favorite FF TV series was always the one from the 90’s, because of it’s vintage items, fashion from way back then, old cars etc. I also liked the locations better than the one from the 70’s.
    It’s so much more in tune with the books.
    But who is Paul?

    Great article! Thank you,



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