Another Monday

So it’s Monday again, where did the weekend go? Well, wherever it went it’s now another week, and time for me to tell you what’s coming up on the blog.

We’ll have more fanfic for you this week, Wednesday will be chapter two of Kathy’s Barney Mysteries story: The Rosewood Mystery. If you missed chapter one, here it is so you can catch up.

I’ve got a few choices this week. I’ve recently read the first Lone Pine book Mystery at Witchend, by Malcolm Saville and I plan to compare and contrast it to the first Famous Five book. Whether I get around to doing something as in depth as that this week remains to be seen, so I might end up reviewing something instead. Maybe the Famous Five Annual or a Blyton biography, who knows.

Stef is hoping to finish a post looking at the Island of Adventure, which will be an interesting viewpoint as she didn’t read the Adventure Series as a child.

As has become tradition, I will end with some photos I took recently.

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5 Responses to Another Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Hi Fiona,

    Thank you for more beautiful pics. I love those frosty leaves and the bullfinch…nature sometimes creates the prettiest color combinations!
    Please explain for me what the Famous Five Annual is. Where can I order it? How many pages does it usually have?
    Does it contain photos or illustrations?


  2. Francis says:

    Love your photos as usual! Really looking forward to the contributions this week – they sound fascinating.


  3. Lovely photos as usual! Love the farmhouse one – that looks like there’s an adventure just waiting to happen there!
    I’m a bit jealous of all the lovely frost and snow – wish there was some here so I could go out for a frosty stroll! 🙂


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