February – A poem by Enid Blyton

A bit of a change of plan, but favouring you with Blyton’s poem about February as the month has just changed! Hope you like it!

Oh, I saw February sweet,
Heard her elfin laughter,
Saw her little twinkling feet
Dance where spring and winter meet,
And I followed after

And here she dropped an aconite
With head of gleaming yellow,
There a snowdrop, wan and white,
And a crocus golden bright.
Oh, a bonny fellow!

She taught the thrush a song so gay,
She whistled to the starling,
Kissed the blackbird on her way,
Now they sing the livelong day
‘Isn’t she a darling!’

Anyway, there we are, a nice little February poem for you all! With one of my snowdrop pictures! Have a nice day!

Snowdrops by Stephanie Woods

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2 Responses to February – A poem by Enid Blyton

  1. Francis says:

    How much nicer than the rain and wind – perhaps it will bring us a touch of spring. Thank you Stef


  2. Margaret Deady says:

    I remember learning to sing this in primary school back in the 1950s.


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