First Monday in March

I can hardly believe it’s March already! We’re nearly at 50,000 views on the blog so hopefully by next week’s post we’ll be celebrating that.

To earn those views we’ll be putting up another chapter of Poppy’s Adventure Series fanfic on Wednesday, and most likely the next chapter of Stef’s St Andrews Mystery on Sunday. I hope so as despite having read it already, and having the whole thing on my laptop I’m reading it a chapter at a time as I tidy it up for publishing and it’s hotting up nicely at the moment. I resisted the urge to read ahead today after chapter thirteen went up.

From me? I’m not really sure yet. I have a long list of ideas but nothing is really jumping out at me saying “write me, write me!” Might be a little bit worrying if it did though, so maybe that’s just as well. I will most likely decide on Thursday night at about ten o’clock after putting it off/forgetting about it all evening.

I’ll sign off now with some pictures (mostly of birds – I’ve gone all Jack Trentish again.)

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