Feasting on Romantic Comedy – Simply Wizard Jammy Buns from Malory Towers by Helen at Novelicious

I know we promised the next chapter of Poppy’s fic for you today, but I had a Mr Twiddle moment last night and forgot to organise that. I’m blaming an impromptu day off yesterday which left me a bit lost as to where in the week we were. Anyway, I’ve only just realised my mistake and so I thought I’d better get something up quickly and I had this great article bookmarked for a future reblog, so here it is!

Originally posted on Novelicious

Who is for a game of lacrosse with a feast of jammy buns for match tea?

Before I ever enjoyed and salivated over the food described in a Freya North or a Jane Green novel, there was Enid Blyton. Her descriptions of simple and hearty food like a glistening pink ham would have me drooling as I read whilst tucking into a not-so-satisfying luncheon meat sandwich (luncheon meat was a big thing in the 1980s).

In the books, food would be piled high on tables that would also groan under the weight. So. Much. Food…

There’s more foody musings and a super recipe for those jammy buns in the post, taken from the same book Stef’s been using for her making Blyton’s food blogs.

Malory Towers Books

Poppy’s fanfic will appear next Wednesday, as long as Mrs Twiddle keeps me right!

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1 Response to Feasting on Romantic Comedy – Simply Wizard Jammy Buns from Malory Towers by Helen at Novelicious

  1. Francis says:

    Food was so important in Enid’s books – I always became hungry after reading them before bedtime. I remember having midnight feasts with my sister.


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