Last Monday in March

March is almost over, which means we lost an hour of sleep at the weekend and that spring is finally here (supposedly).

For me it also means I’ve got two weeks holiday!

This week, if the post is agreeable, I am hoping to start a new comparison blog, this time looking at the first Malory Towers book which Stef is kindly sending me. I did scour the charity shops in Perth on Saturday (all dozen or so of them but I couldn’t find a single Blyton book of any kind!)

Stef is planning to have a go at making her own jammy buns, inspired by my impromptu panic-post on Wednesday.

And as billed last week, Poppy’s fanfic will go up this week instead. (Feel free to send my reminders by any method you can come up with on Tuesday night so I don’t forget again!)

And to finish, as aways, some photos! (The Perth ones were taken on Saturday, in not very spring-like conditions, I was wearing gloves!)

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1 Response to Last Monday in March

  1. Francis says:

    Great photos, Fiona – looking forward to your Malory Towers research! Sounds like you to need to come down to see Stef to find some books!


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