Monday Rainday

It looks like there’s a lot of rain in the UK today, which is a little depressing as the weather has been getting steadily nicer since all that rain over Christmas.

Anyway I hope that this week’s blogs will cheer everyone up no end. This week’s contributor’s post will be from Cathy with her Rosewood Mystery on Wednesday. Fiona has told me, that despite her being on holiday this week, she will be treating us to another Noddy review.

I will be treating you to the jammy buns blog I promised you this week, but never managed to write.

So I hope that will whet your appetites for this week and I hope you enjoy my pictures  from my visit to Brentwood a few weeks ago.

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1 Response to Monday Rainday

  1. Francis says:

    As usual, love your photos Stef!


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