Bank Holiday Monday

Here we are on a (hopefully) sunny bank holiday Monday. It is so glorious to see the sun again, I just wish I lived near the sea or the beach so I could indulge in those Blytonesque past times of swimming, rowing and ice creams (though it is still far too chilly to swim in the sea).

Anyway, we’re a bit of a cop out this week I think, Fiona doesn’t know what she’s favouring us with (she’s not feeling too well at the moment, bless her, so I think we can forgive her for not knowing what she’ll write about.)

I think we’re on the next chapter of Cathy’s Rosewood Mystery this Wednesday, that will be smashing!

I might get around to reading one of my  new books, The Queen Elizabeth Family, which means if I do, I shall review it for you, if not, it will be another chapter of The Missing Papers!

Just to finish, I have a couple of memes I want to share with  you. I hope you like them!



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1 Response to Bank Holiday Monday

  1. Francis says:

    Lovely day in the garden but maybe not the beach. Love your captions!


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