This is an important week as there will be a sort of World of Blyton get together. Stef and I will be in the same place for a week (at hers) and we will see some of our other writers on Sunday. We’ll tell you all about it next week I’m sure.

This week we’ve got another of Corinna’s Famous Five pick’n’mix reflections for you, and she’s looking at Five Go to Smuggler’s Top which is my favourite. I hope she gives it a glowing review otherwise I may sulk like George.

I will be comparing the next few chapters of First Term at Malory towers on Friday and I think you’ll be getting to read the next instalment of The Missing Papers on Sunday as Stef and I will be too busy gallivanting for her to write something else. (I’m aiming to have as much of my blog done before I head down you see!)

I will finish with some photos from my latest walk, which was near Falkland (the town, not the islands!)


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  1. ljbradburn says:

    oooo looks beautiful 🙂 x


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