My fifth Noddy book: Noddy and the Bumpy Dog

My fifth Noddy book is #14 (another big jump, I know,) Noddy and the Bumpy Dog. It was another Alton buy, and one of my £1 bargains. It’s fairly tatty and lacks a dustjacket but I don’t mind.

The illustrator has changed again, this time it is Robert Tyndall and Robert Lee, with a cover by Tyndall.

Noddy and the bumpy dog

Noddy’s car-driving business takes him to Toy-Dog Town, which as the name suggests, is inhabited by toy dogs. One of them gets knocked over by a rude and hurrying sailor doll and Noddy and his passengers take care of him.

After a funny chapter with Noddy, Big Ears and a washing line of sheets, the little dog turns up again. He’s very boisterous, and as Noddy says, a very bumpy sort of dog, and although he feels sorry for him he gets cross at being bumped so often.

Noddy and the washing

He gets so cross in fact that he shoos the bumpy dog out that night – and forgets to lock the door after him. A goblin is then able to sneak in and steal his hard-earned money!

Noddy shows he’s little more than a child the next morning and bursts into tears when he realises his money is gone.

Mr Plod looking like PC Goon

Mr Plod looking like PC Goon

Bumpy dog misbehaves even more and spoils some of the Tubby Bear family’s plants so Noddy decides he has to go. He and Tessie Bear lead the dog into the dark woods with a bone so he will bury it and stay there, but instead he digs up something quite wonderful and redeems himself. He also captures a thieving goblin and takes him back to Toy Town to be dealt with by Mr Plod.

It was refreshing to have a new plot line, as most of the Noddys I have read so far involve Noddy accidentally getting into trouble. Saying that we’ve already had one story involving a theft from Noddy’s house – he should learnt a little home security goes a long way! Not an awful lot happens in this tale, all the books are short but somehow less seems to occur in this one than the others I have read.

The illustrations are lovely and there are masses of them, several full page ones like above and dozens of small ones scattered about the text. I can’t say I’ve seen much of a difference between illustrators as they are all ‘copying’ Van der Beek’s original style for the characters and scenes.

The bumpy dog is naughty

The bumpy dog is naughty


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  1. Francis says:

    Just love these Noddy reviews, Fiona – glad Alton did you well!


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