Tuesday is the new Monday

It’s my belief that Tuesday is the new Monday. This could be ascribed to the fact that I forgot to write a Monday post this week until it was too late (ie late Monday afternoon) or it could just be a coincidence.

Our contributor post this week is going to be by Fred, who has reviewed one of Blyton’s stand alone titles: The Treasure Hunters. I plan to write about Five Go Mad in Dorset (an old episode of the comedy programme  The Comic Strip Presents) or if I don’t manage that I may start a new series of text update comparisons or review another Noddy book. And Stef hopes to have a look at an article called Rivals or Allies? Malcolm Saville and Enid Blyton, which sounds very interesting.

I can’t think of any other news from us at the moment so I will leave off with a few photos from my short holiday.

I’ll hopefully be putting up some more of the pictures on our other blog, Two Points of View, later in the week.

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3 Responses to Tuesday is the new Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    The soap bubble photo is incredible. Wish it would be larger.


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