A Beckenham day out

Stef had a three hour delay on the train heading home yesterday so she wasn’t able to finish her St Clare’s review. So while checking to see what we had in the drafts I stumbled across this. The day out was over a year ago now and neither of us managed to find a format or layout that really seemed good enough for writing about it. I figure, though, it’s better to publish it as it is than to let it languish for the rest of eternity. So, a year late, here’s what Stef had to say about the Beckenham day out (with some editing and additions from me) – Fiona.


About a month ago, on the 15th June 2013, some members of the Enid Blyton Society decided to take a trip to Beckenham where Enid Blyton spent her childhood, moving from house to house.

With great thanks to Cliff Watkins, our tour guide and Tony Summerfield of the Enid Blyton Society, for organising the day it was most enjoyable. We have copied the schedule for the day onto our blog and added a picture to show you which house is which.

You will be able to match the numbers on the schedule to the pictures below so you can put the names to the houses.

  1. Meet outside Clock House Station: cross Beckenham Road by pedestrian lights, turn left.
  2. Turn right into Chaffinch Road.
  3.  Arrive at 95 Chaffinch Road, Enid Blyton’s first Beckenham Home from 1897 to 1903.
  4.  Return along Chaffinch Road, until path and steps to Beckenham Road bridge over railway. Cross pedestrian lights, meet late arrivals at the station; turn left and then right into Clock House Road.
  5. Keep on pavement veering to right to reach Malory Close.
  6. Return to Clock House Road which turns right; reach 35 and 31 Clock House Road.
  7. Cross over the road and turn left, and then right into Cedars Road to Tresco.
  8. Continue along Cedars Road to see the Chaffinch Brook then continue to Queens Road; cross over, continue along Cedars Road to reach Elm Road. Turn left to reach 14 Elm Road.
  9. Continue to the Baptist Church
  10. Cross over Hayne Road and turn left into Westfield Road with no 13 on right. Continue to the end of road and turn left in Croydon Road to reach the War Memorial roundabout with (left to right), Beckenham Road, Rectory Road, the Cinema and Beckenham High Street. Pause to note the 227 bus stop on the opposite side of Beckenham High Street.
    Lunch Break!
  11. Meet at the bus stop to take 227 bus to Oakhill and start of Oakwood Avenue. Alight bus, cross Westgate Road and continue 30 yards to use pedestrian crossing to the other side of Bromley Road. After 50 yards, cross Crescent Road. Turn left into Oakwood Avenue and proceed up the hill, passing on the opposite of the road the entrances to Perth Road and Overbury Road.
  12. Reach the entrance to White Oak Drive, which is opposite 34 Oakwood Avenue
  13. Proceed to the top of Oakwood Avenue which is the summit of what used to be called Clay Hill. Carry on to reach the T junction of Scott’s Lane. Turn right and cross over Scott’s lane to pass Stanley Avenue and Ferguson Close to reach a busy interchange of five roads.  Turn left into Shortlands Road, pass the Library and Enid’s last Beckenham home –  83 Shortlands Road – is opposite.


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2 Responses to A Beckenham day out

  1. Anonymous says:

    She was born in East Dulwich. There is a blue plaque at the plough


    • Fiona says:

      Yes, she was born in East Dulwich, at 354 Lordship Lane in a two bedroom flat above a shop. It was too far from Beckenham for a walking tour to include though.


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