My seventh Noddy book: Do Look Out Noddy!

My seventh Noddy book is Do Look Out Noddy!, number fifteen in the series. I should have reviewed this last time but I accidentally took the wrong one away on holiday with me a few weeks ago. This is the last one I have actually, so I will have to start looking for some more so I can carry on reviewing them.

Dust jacket by Robert Lee and Robert Tyndall

Cover by Robert Lee and Robert Tyndall

Like most of my other Noddy books I got this in Alton, and as it’s very tatty it only cost me a pound.

This title was illustrated by Robert Lee and Robert Tyndall.


The story starts with Noddy being very cheerful as he has been taking lots of people to the station and earning himself lots of sixpences. However, as the milkman points out to him, all these people are staying by the seaside or elsewhere or holiday and there will be no-one left to hire his little car.

Noddy’s great idea is to go off to the sea-side himself, with Big-Ears, but his friend thinks it would be silly to spend his money on a holiday when he won’t be able to earn any more. They even have a little argument about it and Big-Ears slams his toadstool house’s door on Noddy!


Noddy heads off to his next job then, after slamming his car door of course, and takes Sally Skittle  and three of her little skittles to the train station for their holiday. They’re in quite the rush so he has a few near run-ins with Mr Plod along the way, and then when they do get to the station Sally Skittle says she’ll pay him on the return leg of her journey.


Toy Town is alarmingly empty on his way back home, and worse, when he gets there he finds a note from the policeman demanding he go to the station to see him. (A scary prospect, rather like when your teacher used to write SEE ME at the bottom of your work.)

Noddy decides not to go but the note makes him too anxious to even eat his lunch so he decides to head over to see Big-Ears and tell him about it. On his way he sees a well-dressed monkey who hails his car. He introduces himself as Mr Marvel Monkey and tells Noddy he is a salesman but his bicycle is in for repairs. He asks Noddy to drive him around in the mean-time.


Noddy wants to run this by Big-Ears who, as it turns out, isn’t altogether impressed with Mr Marvel(lous) Monkey. Mr Monkey sides with Noddy about not going to see Mr Plod despite the more sensible Big-Ears saying he should go. I think Noddy might get himself into a lot of trouble as this monkey seems likely to lead him rather astray.

They head to Rocking Horse town to sell some horse tails, but all the horses there have fine tails and say ‘nay’ to him, which Noddy translates as no. They camp overnight as Mr Monkey says they will try again in the morning. He also tells Noddy (who has to sleep in his car) to just look out and see his tail poking out of his tent if he gets lonely in the night.

Come morning the Rocking Horses come to them to buy tails as they’ve lost theirs. I think I can see where this is going (I wonder how long it will take Noddy to catch on?). Noddy points out they have been cut off, and Mr Monkey remarks it was awfully lucky they were there with new tails to sell that day. Yes, very lucky indeed!


Next they are off to Clockwork Clown Village, where all the clowns already have keys to wind themselves up and don’t want to buy new ones. Again they camp out and in the morning lots of the clowns come to them in need of new keys as ones belonging to their friends or family were stolen in the night. Mr Monkey sells them new ones at two shillings each as they must have new keys or their clown friends can’t be wound up again.


At this point, Alice might say curiouser and curiouser but Noddy doesn’t seem to have noticed anything odd yet.

The next thing to sell is whiskers so they head off to Toy-Dog Town. There, none of the dogs want new whiskers apart from one little puppy Noddy stumbled across who has had theirs bitten off by another little dog. Noddy goes to fetch some of their whiskers from sale but instead stumbles across old cut off rocking horse tails and a pair of scissors as well as a monkey’s tail.

He confronts Mr Monkey about it and in his anger ties him up with his phony old tail and drags him to his car to take him to Mr Plod.


Everything is rounded up very neatly in the end as Mr Plod had only wanted to see Noddy to warn him about Mr Monkey in the first place! Plus Noddy gets a reward for handing him in so that he and Big-Ears can go on a bit of a holiday after all!

It was good to see Noddy be so bold and brave in this story, even if he was rather slow on the uptake about what Mr Monkey was up to. Had he not found all the evidence in the bag I doubt he would have made the leap of logic himself.


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