Happy Days! – A poem by Enid Blyton

Today I have decided to treat you to Blyton’s “Happy Days!” poem about how wonderful Autumn is, and catching the leaves! Which, when you’re a child is the best thing in the world.

There is a prelude to this poem, a little bit of Blyton’s knowledge of folk lore. Its quite sweet really it says:

Folk say that for every falling leaf you catch you will have a happy day next year- so catch as many as you can!

And with that lovely sentiment expressed, I can now head on to the poem, which I hope you all enjoy.

Happy Days!

Oh, what a frosty morning, and how the leaves come down,
Twisting here and twirling there, follow here and there,
Come along and chase them, follow here and there,
How many can you capture, flying through the air?
Two-or three- or twenty! As many as you please!
You’ll see a thousand flying this morning on the breeze,
And for every lead you capture before it comes to rest
You’ll have a day that’s happy- and so it would be best
To catch a good three hundred, and sixty-five as well,
For then you’ll get a happy year (or so the fairies tell!)
So hurry, hurry, and catch your Happy Days,
For the merry leaves are falling down all the woodland ways!

Beautiful Autumn Leaves at Bourne End by Stephanie Woods

Beautiful autumn leaves at Bourne End 

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2 Responses to Happy Days! – A poem by Enid Blyton

  1. Francis says:

    Thank you Stef – how lovely Enid’s poems are.


  2. Anonymous says:



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