Our 500th Post!

So, this is our 500th post! In just over two years we’ve managed to bring you 500 blogs. How amazing is that?

I hope you’re all still enjoying the blog, having fun reading the stories and reviews. We hope we’ll be able to keep bringing you new blogs every week, but we do need some help as well! As you know every Wednesday we try and post a blog from someone else, a reader of ours or a passing fan, but we’re slowly running out of blogs. We know its been busy over Christmas, but now, as we’re at the end of January, I hope things have settled down enough for some blogs to come our way! You can email us on worldofblytonblog@hotmail.com, and sound us out for ideas and send us your blogs. Anything is most welcome!

Given that we have five hundred blogs to choose from, can you tell me any of your favourite ones? Mine was certainly our very exclusive interview with Jemima Rooper , that was just a dream come true!

Fiona tells me that her blog, Comparing Hollow Tree House and The Secret Island was one of her favourite ones to write, and also enjoyed my blog reviewing The Adventures of George and Timmy more because of the comments and discussion it generated.

Our top five viewed blogs have been:

  1. Firework Night- A Poem by Enid Blyton
  2. Dead Leaves – A Poem by Enid Blyton
  3. Series Synopsis: Famous Five, the short stories review part one
  4. Series Synopsis: Famous Five Books 1-3
  5. The Ladybird – A poem by Enid Blyton

Our top commenters have been:

  1. Chrissie with 242 comments
  2. Francis with 170 comments
  3. Pete with 44 comments
  4. Cathy with 30 comments
  5. Michael with 28 comments

So thank you all who have commented, it means a lot to us that so many of our blogs have provoked responses. Please, please keep commenting, we enjoy reading your views and opinions on our blogs!

I suppose I ought to get on with the week’s schedule now. So this week we have a reblog on its way to you, but you’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out who it is! Fiona will be reviewing an audio book for us this week, and I will hopefully be finishing and reviewing The Adventures of George and Timmy. Will I enjoy it? Who knows! Come back Sunday to find out!

I shall leave you with some gorgeous pictures I managed to get on Friday from Bushy Park, near Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. If you head over to Two Points of View, over the coming week I shall be posting some of my favourites for closer inspection.



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10 Responses to Our 500th Post!

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Are those wapitis or regular bucks? As usual gorgeous pics. Thank you very much for posting them. I always look forward to your, Fiona’s and Stef’s, photos in the blog.


  2. Francis says:

    A truly amazing achievement – well done to all of you. Really lovely photos, Stef.
    Gratefully yours, Francis.


  3. RereadingBlyton says:

    Many congratulations. As a relative newcomer I have found much of interest here. In terms of contributions, I could offer something on my current reading of the FF in French – I know you had something before from Zanyzigzag on this but I’d be happy to provide another perspective: Enid Blyton as an aid to foreign language learning …. Chris


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