Mid-February Monday

It seems to be getting a tiny bit warmer this week, giving me hope that spring will be just around the corner. I’ve spotted snowdrops and some other flowers cropping up here and there while I’ve been out as well.

I hope you enjoyed our impromptu Valentine’s fiction yesterday. We’ve been working on Sally and Julian’s date today so we will hopefully post that at some point this week as an extra post.

Our contributor this week is Chris and he has written an interesting piece about why he loves re-reading Enid Blyton.

On Friday I’ll be reviewing my next Noddy which is Noddy at the Seaside, and Stef is going to review the rest of The Mountain of Adventure on Sunday.

I’ve ventured out a couple of times this week (but not last week thanks to working over the weekend) so here’s a few pictures from St Andrews and Invergowrie.

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5 Responses to Mid-February Monday

  1. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing them. It is feeling a little warmer although still very damp and drizzly. I must take my camera out next time I’m walking. I saw a squirrel really close to the path yesterday but of course my camera was at home.


    • fiona says:

      Thank you Barbara. I think animals have an extra sense about cameras. If you haven’t got one they’ll happily wander across your path. As soon as they spot that lens, though, they get all shy and scamper off. At least, that’s my personal experience!


  2. Francis says:

    You know spring is coming when your photos include plenty of bird life!
    Thank you Fiona


  3. zanyzigzag says:

    I love the heron picture! He looks like he’s snuggling a bit deeper into his feathery jacket! 😀


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