First April Monday

I hope you all had a nice Easter. Did you see the April and Easter poems I posted yesterday? Make sure you check them out if you didn’t see them!

This week we have no contributor again, but Fiona will do another chapter analysis of the updates to The Island of Adventure and I will… well… I have a number of options to do this week. One is get on with the episode analysis that I skipped out on yesterday, the other is review The Fifth Form at St Clare’s, the other is look at some more of Blyton’s twins, and the last (if I could read it in time) is review the next Adventure series book which would be Ship of Adventure.

As I can’t really be more specific than that I can get onto blog news, of which there isn’t much but I’m going to put out another plea for some contributors! Please please please! As you may have noticed we’ve used up all our lovely contributors’ blogs and are in desperate need of some more. Please check our Want to Write for World of Blyton Page? for details on how to get in touch and what sort of things we’re looking for!

Anyway I shall leave you with some of my pictures from Oxford that I took last week, and I hope you enjoy them, and give serious consideration to writing for us! You can see some more, and some of my other pictures on my Flickr here.

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