May Monday

We’re well into May now, and here we seem to have had nothing but showers! It hasn’t stopped me getting out too much though, but at times I was wishing for a sou’wester and galoshes!

Coming up this week:

WednesdayThose of you who follow us on Twitter may have seen our interactions with Susie Day, author of Pea’s Book of Holidays which I reviewed at length on Friday. For those of you who aren’t tweeting yet, here’s what she said:

Susie Day tweets usI always get so excited when properly famous people speak to us!

And with all that out of the way, I’ll end on a few photos from when it hasn’t been pouring with rain.





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3 Responses to May Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Congrats on Susie Day’s compliment, Fiona. You definitely deserve it. I’m thinking about ordering “Pea’s Book of Holidays”.
    Beautiful shots as usual :)! I particularly like “Money growing on Trees”. Are those mushrooms?
    Also I was thrilled by your tricolore announcements about what will be on the blog this week. Really cool!


  2. fiona says:

    Thanks, Chrissie. I hope you like Pea’s Book of Holidays if you get it. It is a good book!
    The money is actual money (though it isn’t unfortunately growing out of the tree!). There are a few of these in Scotland that I’ve seen where people take coins and hammer them into a tree. Sometimes it’s along the trunk in the bark, or this time it was into the middle of a cut-down tree. I assume one person starts it with a few coins then more and more visitors add to it over time. There were lots of British coins in it, but also some Euros.


  3. Francis says:

    Nice preview format, Fiona. Beautiful photos as well – Scotland is so beautiful.


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