Making the most of Monday

Well Fiona and I have both had busy weekends, having both been working  a six day week, and Monday seems to be the only day we’ve both got off. I think we’re both about to collapse in a heap, but I know for one I’m busy still. I’m off up to London to see the Infinite Monkey Cage be recorded for BBC Radio today, so its not all relaxing.

Anyway this week we don’t have a contributor, so if someone wants to send us in a piece before Tuesday evening, we’d be most obliged, but otherwise it might be a poem or a reblog.

Fiona will treat you to another chapter analysis of The Island of Adventure, which I’m sure we cannot wait to see what other changes have been made to our beloved text. I shall be trying to review another 90s TV episode. I’m onto Five Get into Trouble now, and I think we’ve got a lot to look at.

I’ll just leave you with a few choice pictures from my visit with Fiona to Arbroath Abbey in Scotland.

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