Monday Madness

“Here we are again, as happy as can be, all good friends and jolly good company”

Did you like my singing? It sounds a bit like nails down a chalk board really, which is a shame. However it is Monday again, more of an excuse for me to stop singing and deafening everyone! Hope your weekends went well. We’ve been getting used to our new schedule here at World of Blyton. I hope it worked for you?

This week however, we will be posting a Sunday blog as one came in from the lovely Laura who has been re-reading The Adventurous Four and has done a smashing review for us!

Fiona isn’t quite sure what she’ll do this week, as she’s just moved into her new flat and has yet to unpack her masses of books!

I’m trying to power through Circus of Adventure to review for you, and I shall try and have it done by blogging day.

And with that, I don’t think we have any more news for you. I hope you enjoy our blogs this week, don’t forget we are taking contributions still!

I shall leave you with a picture from my walk at Bourne End yesterday. Hope you like it!

The River Thames at Bourne End.

The River Thames at Bourne End.

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