Last Monday of August

August (and the bit of summer that finally arrived) is almost over now. August saw the 13th and final instalment of The Island of Adventure comparisons – a project I started in October last year. So September will mean a new title for me to work on.

Coming up this week:

greenblog (2)

I’ve even checked my book has all its pages this time, that’s how organised I’ve been!

My new flat is in the perfect place to capture the suns setting over Dundee and the Angus hills so I will end on a few photos taken from the hill just behind where my books and I live now.

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2 Responses to Last Monday of August

  1. chrissie777 says:

    I like your sentence “where my books and I live now” :).


  2. Francis says:

    More lovely photos! Looking forward to this weeks offerings.


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