First Monday in December

Even though we are seven days into December, this is the first Monday we’ve had. Unfortunately or fortunately in some cases, Christmas is fast approaching and if I’m honest I have little or no idea what people want for Christmas. I haven’t even finished making a certain co-bloggers birthday present and that’s even closer than Christmas. Oh dear.

Speaking of which, the lucky soon to be birthday girl, Fiona will be blogging about the changes in the Noddy book Noddy and his Car . 

I will be listening to the Second Term at Malory Towers on an old fashioned cassette to review its narrative differences between that and the book.

Once again, if anyone has anything they would like to send us to go on the blog, please feel free! Our email can be found on the Want to Write for World of Blyton? page.

I know we’re past Bonfire night but I thought I would share some of my better ones from the display I went to in Bath. Hope you like them!

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2 Responses to First Monday in December

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Stef, those fireworks pics are really great! Thanks for posting.


  2. Francis says:

    Outstanding photos, Stef – they are brilliant. Well done.


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