Well Done, Noddy! – How has Blyton’s original text fared in a modern edition?

This will be the last in this series as Well Done, Noddy! is the final book included in the treasury.

The others:
Noddy Goes to Toyland
Hurrah for Little Noddy!
Noddy and His Car
Here Comes Noddy Again


  • Queer is replaced with strange (though later queer is left alone!)
  • Hyphens are removed from some phrases such as top-hat
  • Mr and Mrs have no full stop
  • Very very rich has a comma added to become very, very rich


Words are replaced

  • Look after him till he’s better is now until he is better, and till is changed to until a further few times.
  • Jumbo is no longer grumbling hard, instead he is grumbling bitterly.
  • Originally Noddy drives carefully so that Big Ears isn’t jerked about. This has been changed to jolted about. 
  • Mr Tubby thinks Noddy’s song makes it sound as if I was a bit fat. It has been changed to am a bit fat. 
  • Noddy’s money box began to get full, now it began to fill up. 
  • Big Ears no longer rides his bike with Noddy on his back, he now does it with him on his shoulders

Words are removed

  • Noddy’s little gate becomes just a gate. (Having noted that I now am aware that Blyton has used little in seemingly every other sentence. Little Noddy, little gate, little car… I don’t suspect that was why it was removed that once, though. It almost seems like it was removed to make the text fit nicely on one page!
  • Sally Skittle’s tiny house becomes just her house. 
  • A little red goblin becomes a little goblin, perhaps to make it less obvious that a red goblin had Mr Sailor Doll’s sacks sent to Red Goblin Corner.

Words are added

If only his peppermint seeds would grow, and his bull’s eyes and toffees, what a lot of money he would have gets a too inserted in the middle, If only his peppermint seeds would grow, and his bull’s eyes and toffees, too, what a lot of money he would have.

Whole lines are rewritten

  • They soon settled in and Sally Skittle set her children to work to weed the garden, clean the windows and beat the mats ends up with the tense changed to set her children to work weeding the garden, cleaning the windows and beating the mats. 
  • Noddy has said I’ve given every penny of my money and it becomes given all my money

One correction is made

  • Noddy is given a new line when he speaks to the milkman, correcting the original which had the two of them speaking in the same paragraph. New speaker needs new line was drummed into me at school.

One mistake has crept in

  • Noddy’s song should read You won’t hear a single mew, but now it reads You won’t heard a single mew, which is clearly wrong.


Whole sentences are removed

  • Sally Skittle stays by the scene of the accident and looks at the broken pieces of Big-Ears’ bike. She threw them into the ditch, out of the way has been removed in the treasury, and isn’t replaced with anything. I see no problem with the bike being cleared off the road, surely that’s safer than leaving bits of it strewn where it could cause another accident.
  • I could charge sixpence a time Noddy says to himself, but not in the treasury. This line has been cut, and coincidentally would have pushed the text onto a new page.

And strangely

  • Big Ears says he wants to give Sly the Goblin one or two spanks for luck and this is left exactly alone in the treasury!

Not an awful lot of changes for the last book. In fact there was hardly anything to notice in the last few chapters. Maybe the editor gave up or fell asleep!

That’s only 20 changes in this one, then. There weren’t any gollies in the pictures, or very many Toytown crowds so none of them have been altered either.

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2 Responses to Well Done, Noddy! – How has Blyton’s original text fared in a modern edition?

  1. Francis says:

    It’s very strange how queer things have been inserted! Enjoyed your observations. as usual, Fiona.
    Many thanks.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed the comparison.Many thanks Fiona.
    Best Wishes


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