How to Get Blyton’s Style: Camping and Adventuring Materials

I know we’ve had rather a lot of these recently but while I was up in Scotland with Fiona that she had the idea that I should do a  post of all the kit you’d need to make it seem like you’d stepped straight out of a Blyton book.

Hope you like the things I’ve picked out. Feel free to put in the comments anything I’ve missed.

generalneutralsatchelThe first thing you would want to become a proper Blytonian would be the adventuring rucksack. Now you’ve seen this one before, as I used it for the girls’ clothes post a few weeks ago however why waste a good find? Don’t you just agree that this would be the perfect Blyton Rucksack? You can find it here.





The next thing you need for a truly Blytonian life is a a bike. All of Blyton’s characters Bikeenjoyed biking and would often set off on a bike to have a picnic or catch an adventure. Bikes are part of the reason I’m sure that the Five could eat all those gorgeous cakes and picnics without ballooning to the size of houses. Can you imagine how the adventure would have gone if the Five had gotten out of breath by just walking down the stairs? So bikes it is, good exercise, good Blyton adventuring material. Find your vintage bike here.



picnicbasketSpeaking of food, what would a Blyton adventure be without a picnic, carried along in a smashing picnic hamper? I think one of my favourite descriptions of having food out of a picnic basket comes from Five Have Plenty of Fun when they go down to the beach just before Berta arrives and enjoy home made lemonade and a whole fruit cake while frolicking about in the sea. I don’t know what it is about that description but it always makes me want a picnic. You can see from the basket I’ve picked that it has a handy strap for carrying it over those difficult rocks that get in the way while trying to find the perfect place to picnic. You can find the basket here.

$_57Now which member of any troop of children from Blyton’s books would go exploring in the great outdoors without a torch? No one, that’s right, and they always have spare batteries. I love the passages in the books where they’re creeping through the darkness or in tunnels and they just whip out a torch from any pocket whichever clothes they happen to have on. A torch is such an important thing in their adventures and it should be in your life as well, you never know when you may come across a cave waiting to be explored (a bit like Fiona and I did last week — well I went to explore, she wimped out!) Get this lovely vintage torch here.

$_57Last thing for those adventures, the one thing you really can’t have an adventure or camp without? A tent. Now I tried to find a nice vintage looking one, but they came in big sizes and were very expensive. In the interest in making this as practical as possible I’ve found a reasonable tent which is made out of more modern materials but will definitely keep you dry. I have chosen a two person tent because you need one of the girls and one for the boys (not to mention any pets who happen to be accompanying you). So head out, get yourself a tent and enjoy your camping adventure.

There we are, just a few bits and pieces you can get to help you on your way to Blyton Adventures!

P.S. I did not wimp out, you went first and told me it went nowhere so I saw no reason in going all the way to the back for nothing! – F

download (1)P.P.S. You forgot the rope to wind around your waist, ready to tie enemies to trees or to let you drop down into a cave. That’s what gave me the idea for this post – seeing rope in some shop. I can’t remember which one, so here’s a nice snazzy (if not particularly 1950s) one from B&Q. It’s heavy duty so it should do for adventuring. 

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1 Response to How to Get Blyton’s Style: Camping and Adventuring Materials

  1. Francis says:

    I love all the items and it makes me wish I was back in my youth with my sisters and cousins and that our parents had the money to buy them for us and the courage to let us go off on a cycling and camping tour together!


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