Reblog: The search for Kirrin Island – Memories by Hans van der Klis

I’m on a city-break this week without a laptop, and so instead of attempting to blog from an ancient tablet or tiny phone I have chosen to bring you a reblog instead. You may have seen our last reblog from Hans, about a short adventure he and his wife had one day in the woods.

He has written again, this time about searching for Kirrin Island;

Childhood farewell, but not quite, for this older-young-lad that Kirrin Island remains still interesting and attractive, I would like to go to visit it, but how to achieve, it seems not present somewhere along the English coast, if I believe the sober truth. Only, I do not want to accept it, yet, not yet. I still believe in the illusion. So I have read recently “Five on a Treasure Island” and several other books of “The Five” again, with other, older eyes, with nostalgic feelings, but great mindfulness. And a head brimming with ideas, energy and adventure spirit, I am again end up by the question;

How should the island look like and where is it situated?

I think we have all longed to visit Kirrin at some point in our lives, though I don’t know if any of us have the skill required to navigate through the wicked ring of rocks to the safety of the sandy cove. You can read the rest of Han’s post here, and it looks like there will be a part two along at some point as well.



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2 Responses to Reblog: The search for Kirrin Island – Memories by Hans van der Klis

  1. Francis says:

    Thanks for the link, Fiona – much appreciated.


  2. chrissie777 says:

    I can relate to so many things that Hans told us about his childhood and love for Famous Five books. I’m looking forward to read part 2. 🙂


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