Monday #195

We are going back to two posts this week as it’s my – ee gawd – 30th birthday this week and I’ll be away over the weekend hiding from the world.

So we will just have:

wedfri7And then we will be back with more Christmassy things for you!

In other news: Sotheby’s are holding an auction of Children’s artwork on Tuesday 13th December. In it will the the five cover artwork used for the 70th anniversary editions of The Famous Five. If you have 2-3 grand to spare and want to own an original piece of Famous Five artwork (or think it would make a splendid 30th birthday present for yours truly…) you can see them here, lots 294- 298. The auction starts at 2.30pm and you can bid in person, by phone or online. It’s for a good cause, too!

The auction is to raise money for House of Illustration, the UK’s only public gallery devoted to illustration based in King’s Cross in London. We put on exhibitions and events, promote new illustration talent, commission new art work and we have an illustrator-led learning programme for schools, families, students and enthusiasts of all ages. We are a registered charity and receive no public funding, raising all the money ourselves from admissions, retail and fundraising from a variety of sources.

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2 Responses to Monday #195

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Happy Birthday, Fiona! Hiding from the world sounds wonderful. I envy you!!!


  2. Francis says:

    Dear Fiona
    Thirty years old – you are so young! I wish I was 30 again and free to right the mistakes I made.
    Happy birthday.


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