A Synopsis of The Mysterious Boy by Julie Robinson


One of our contributors, Julie has written a smashing mystery novel inspired by our own favourite author. We’re bringing you the synopsis this week, and next week I’ll be reviewing the book for you all.

Synopsis of
The Mysterious Boy
Julie Robinson

Extract from the book

We both waited for a few quiet moments for him to tell us his name, neither of us expecting what we heard.

 “Mine is Edwin Lavin,” he said, in quiet Cornish tones.  “You’ve probably heard of me.  I’m the son of the gamekeeper, but I didn’t start the fire!”

The book takes place in the early 1980’s, Sarah, who is on holiday with her twin brother, Mark and their parents, is telling the story of a special holiday she remembered as a child of twelve years old.

Without given away too much of the plot – the twins explore the hamlet in Cornwall where they are staying, and come across a disused overgrown stable, then they see the disused swimming pool in the overgrown garden.

Going back to explore the following day they meet the boy – and what he has to tell them takes them into an adventurous and exciting holiday that they both couldn’t have imagined in their wildest of dreams.

Synopsis of
Mysterious Boy
for the publishers
Julie Robinson

This is a story set in the 1980’s, and written in the first person, I take the two main characters back to the year 1912.

The purpose of this return, is to prove that Edwin Lavin who is a son of the Game Keeper on the estate, didn’t start a fire which he was accused of, and in which a few members of the Burlaise family, who owned the big house of Long Orchard died.

My main characters, who are twins, Sarah and Mark, meet Edwin whilst they are exploring the derelict grounds of Long Orchard, whilst on a holiday in Cornwall.

Edwin, who is a ghost from the past and desperate to clear his name of starting the fire, appears to the twins, and after hearing his story, they all meet as arranged for the journey back in time.

The twins have to follow instructions to stay out of sight until the fire starts and then begins the process of getting a confession from the person who originally started the fire, which was out of revenge.

The twins are successful in their plight to help Edwin, but there is a rush towards the end as they have to quickly find Edwin in the mist of the smoke and confusion as he is the only person who can take the twins back to their time.

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  1. Francis says:

    Sounds excellent – thank you Stef.

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