Another Blyton Christmas

I am lucky every year that I receive some Blyton goodies. I asked for a few of them this year, but also got a surprise.


So as you can see, I got the Famous Five colouring book which has the illustrations from the 21 covers by Eileen Soper (a mix of first editions and some of the later reprints, though it does have the original backwards telescope from Five on Kirrin Island Again). It also has some of the designs from the latest reprints to increase the number of pages to colour. I don’t know when I’ll get time for it but I’m looking forward to cracking out the colouring pencils.


I also lack time for cooking or baking but I couldn’t resist asking for the new Enid Blyton recipe book. I will need to look through it soon and review it for you all as I’ve heard that not all recipes are truly Blytonian.

Those are printed jam-stains on the  cover, by the way… I haven’t spilt my breakfast on it (I say that because I actually tried to wipe the jam off earlier…)


I clearly haven’t learned my lesson here, and I’m giving another of the Bruno Vincent books a go. I also grabbed Five Go Parenting for a pound from a second hand book stall so there may be a couple more reviews coming your way this year.


This may actually have been my favourite present this year (and I got an elder wand from Harry Potter so there was stiff competition) and it was a total surprise. I can’t wait to get stuck in to this (and review it for you).

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1 Response to Another Blyton Christmas

  1. jillslawit says:

    Famous Five colouring book! How ace is that!! Must look out for one. And also the jigsaw. What a cool present.


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