Monday #259

The Magic Faraway Tree


Top nostalgic reads

Puffin Island – well, that’s not its real name, but as its covered in puffins that’s what the Mannerings and Trents call it. Its real name isn’t known, but its a remote Scottish Island visited in The Sea of Adventure. Apart from being rather stormy it makes a marvellous base for exploration, with hills providing good views, a rocky inlet perfect for docking your boat and even a good-sized hole in the ground to contain any suspicious ornithologists who happen by. Unusually for Blyton there’s no crystal-clear spring but a rock hollow full of rain-water will suffice instead.

The Mystery of the Strange Messages is the Find-Outers’ fourteenth mystery and one that they don’t even have to go looking for. Mr Goon has been receiving very odd messages cut from newspapers and blames them on Fatty. Of course they aren’t from Fatty at all, and so the FFOs have to work out where they came from, who Smith is and why he should be turned out of the Ivies, whatever that may be.

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