Monday #281

Blyton’s strangest homes, part 2


Miss Greyling’s Girls, the failures

The Caravan Family starts an exciting life for Belinda, Mike and Ann, when their parents buy to caravans for the family to live in. They do them up nicely with fresh paint and cosy bedding and enjoy cooking over open fires and living almost out-of-doors.

Gustavus Barmilevo is soon christened as Fussy Gussy by Kiki. He is under Bill’s care and foisted upon the Mannering/Trents, in The Circus of Adventure, and quickly irritates them with his haughty mannerisms and demands. As it turns out though, he is actually Prince Aloysius Gramondie Racemolie Torquinel of Tauri-Hessia. Hence the haughtiness! Once you know he’s a prince he seems a bit less annoying, or at least, you understand why he is the way he is.


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