Search terms, the 7th edition

I may have decided to do this a bit prematurely, I haven’t collected as many search terms as I usually do before I write a post. But never mind, let’s see what Google has to offer us this time!

We have had some good questions/searches lately.

Why’s he called Deltoid Noddy toy? I suspect he is named after the deltoid muscles in the shoulders – he is a pretty hulking guy after all!

noddy toyland detective

Was Daphne Russell a character in Enid blyton books? I couldn’t say for sure, but I don’t think so. There’s a Daphne at Malory Towers – but she’s Daphne Millicent Turner, and Sally’s little sister is Daphne Hope. I can’t think of any other Daphnes.

Malory Towers spelling Is correct. Malory. One L. Never Mallory!

Famous Five favourite farm lunch – there are so many to choose from!

Wherever we go only the brave will follow. Together we stand, that’s what friends are for. Forever we try, we know the final sacrifice. Whatever the price, and when the night falls – don’t be afraid. But whisper that forever you’ll stay, whatever the danger you gotta be strong so trust in your heart you can’t go wrong, be true I’ll always stand by you x 2 I’ll always be true I’ll always stand by you. Ahh the super super catchy theme song from The Adventure Series (probably better than the actual episodes, now I think of it). This dedicated searcher has typed in the whole song!

island of adventure tv

Famous Five Julian’s girlfriend. Julian was far too buys with school and adventures to have a girlfriend across the 21 books, but after, when he ends up at the University of St Andrews  he dates Sally Hope. (In our fan fiction, anyway).

Author’z purpose of writing the children at green meadows. Apart from the strange use of a z in author’s, this is a good question. I think her main aim was to raise awareness of the Busy Bees club and promote animal welfare.

We’ve also had some pretty strange ones.

Enid Blyton type creature. Well, Blyton wrote about various creatures from real animals to goblins and fairies, but this one makes me think of a strange, stooped creature which vaguely resembles Enid Blyton.

Notions oddities doodads and delights of yesterday. This is a strange but charming turn of phrase, and it took me a minute or two to work out what it refers to. Look at the first letter of each word – Noddy! It must relate to the Canadian TV series set in a shop called The Noddy Shop.

17-noddy-shopEnid Blyton secret mkv index. Now this one is intriguing. What’s MKV? Secret codes were certainly a feature of several books!

Enid Blyton Five make television. I’m having visions of the Five industriously making a TV set, a nice old fashioned one with wooden panelling of course. Or perhaps the searcher means making a TV programme? There is of course The Famous Five Go on Television, a follow on novel by Claude Voilier, translated from French into English by Anthea Bell. I think they just appear though, they don’t ‘make’ TV.

There were some people I’m sure were not in the right place

Knock off costumes american company, unless it was knock-off Enid Blyton costumes? But I feel that I am clutching at straws here.

“Pyramids by the sea . . . “ song, sounds interesting but I can’t think of any Enid Blyton songs about pyramids! All I can hear in my head now, though, is Pyramids by the sea to the tune of Somewhere beyond the sea…

They call her Enod, they call her Boyton, that’s not her name, that’s not her name!*

Enod Blyton birthday, Enid’s birthday is November 11, I don’t know what Enod’s is.

Dogs om emd blytp. That’s definitely not her name! But well done Google for directing that search to an Enid Blyton site.

*I really hate that song so I apologise for using it here even in parody!

And the usual suspects…

We had the usual requests for read free online and what’s becoming usual, long strings of gibberish. Plenty of searches were made for poems, particularly If I Knew. Jemima Rooper and Jennifer Thanisch were also popular.

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